About Us

We believe that a successful future is based on research. A pragmatic research, no more trapped in an ivory tower, but able to interact with a rapidly changing reality, accepting the challenges that the progress poropses. We work to build competence, excellence and reliability.

Values & Vision

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it” is a concept inspiring our daily life, since the beginning of the path run by VESevo, when a repeatable, fast, portable and reliable measureof tire viscoelasticity was hard to achieve. Scientific research and continuous investment on our people’s knowledge are the reasons behind the striking evolution of VESevo technology, reaching in less than 2 years half of the teams racing in Formula1, motorsport customers from 4 of the 5 continents, quickly spreading to the production plants of international tiremanufacturers and then to plastic and rubber companies.
We feel VESevo can impact on road safety, helping to develop better tires and to assess, on the road, their actual performances. Can impact on sustainability, because monitoring and improving quality in production means reducing waste. Can impact on our partners’ success, because your grip is a matter of knowledge on your tires.
VESevo, from the Latin name of the iconic volcano Vesuvius, symbol of the Neapolitan territory, and from the acronym Viscoelasticity Evaluation System – EVOlved, is a new technology, developed within the activities of the Vehicle Dynamics research group of the University Federico II of Naples.
Born as a device conceived to support the motorsport partners of the research team to get inaccessible and crucial data on tires, and to parameterize their physical models, VESevo is now growing as an independent academic spin-off company, working as a testing equipment supplier side by side to MegaRide, the automotive and motorsport software solutions provider founded in 2016 by the same team of applied researchers.

The path of VESevo is a path linked to Intellectual Property. After a first Italian patent, the company pushed on a strategy involving a global IP effort, related to the protection of the portable device idea at an international level, and then to the development of further international patents covering its application in the industrial quality control context. The R&D team, thanks to the virtuous support of the University environment, keeps developing further innovative hardware and software features, while VESevo products spread on the market.

From motorspor
to industry

The VESevo fast and nondestructive approach to viscoelastic materials characterization brought it quickly from the development of its first prototypes, and to the attention of the top global motorsport teams, desiring an objective answer to questions related to the various confidential tire specs provided them by tiremakers.

In few months, 6 of the 10 F1 teams used VESevo to get reliable information on their tires and to improve the predictivity of their physical models. Together with them, several more teams, from Formula E, MotoGP, WEC, DTM, WRC, F2, F3, NASCAR and from further categories, discovered the advantages coming from the adoption of VESevo technology, both on track and for design and modelling applications.