VESevo Generation 2 is here!

Cologne, November 9, 2022. VESevo company launches Generation 2 of its flagship product, VESevo device, during the Professional MotorSport World Expo, the event dedicated to the best technologies for motorsport. VESevo is the first innovative device conceived with the aim to analyse, fast and completely nondestructively, the tires tread viscoelasticity, overcoming the usual issues related […]

VESevo, a new step for on track tire analysis

Non-destructive data acquisition for real-time and in situ analysis of the tires before and during the race; maximum ergonomics, manageability and ease of use; high precision measurements and high repeatability of operations. The characteristics of the VESevo, the first track tire bench ever to land on Motorsport racing fields, continue to receive approval among the […]

Ready for the #TIREVOLUTION!

2022 is preparing to be an incredibly innovative year for tires and motorsport fields.  The queen of the racing series, F1, will see the introduction of the 18 inches Pirelli tires, representing a substantial variation to the whole vehicles’ dynamics and to their aero, ride and handling response. Such apparently simple modification, attractively affecting the aesthetics of the cars, […]

Press Review – the mysterious gun helping teams master F1’s 2021 tyres

Formula 1 teams have been spotted using an innovative Italian ‘gun’ in testing in what could be the latest move to get on top of the new 2021 tyres. F1 teams well know that mastering knowledge of tyres is key to unlocking performance from their cars in both qualifying and the races. It’s why so […]